Elizabeth Warren Calls For NO Confirmation Of Trump Picks Until Conflict Of Interest Investigations (TWEETS)

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) has been an extremely outspoken opponent of President-elect Donald Trump for months, and she has essentially based her entire career as a senator on combating unethical business practices and corporate cronyism. Now, Sen. Warren has called on her fellow senators to completely ignore Trump’s picks for various positions until each can be vetted for possible conflicts of interest.

Warren posted the following successively on her Twitter account in response to Republican senators attempting to rush confirmation hearings ahead of the Government Ethics Office being able to properly vet them:

The Government Ethics Office sent a letter to key members of Congress that Republicans were attempting to rush some of Trump’s candidates through before the reviews could be completed. This is the same office that Republicans attempted to cripple in a closed-door meeting last week, but massive public outcry against the move forced them to cancel the motion.

Many of Trump’s picks for various official positions seem to have conflicts of interest that run extremely deep. For example, ExxonMobil CEO Rex Tillerson (Trump’s pick for Secretary of State) has long-standing, extremely friendly ties with Russia. In addition, it seems like a stretch of the imagination that his close ties to the world’s largest gas and energy conglomerate wouldn’t raise some red flags.

Trump himself has some serious conflicts of interest. He has continually refused to disclose his taxes (for flimsy reasons), has used his children as go-betweens from his transition team and business ventures, and has already used his influence as President-elect to further his own business dealings.

In short, this lack of ethical behavior should come as no surprise. What is still a surprise is how few Americans seem to care about what Trump and his Republican government are already brazenly trying to accomplish.

Featured Image via Flickr User Ben Wickler / CC 2.0 Generic