Trumpkins Threaten Boycott Of Budweiser Over ‘Immigration’ Super Bowl Ad (VIDEO)

An ad being run by Budweiser during Super Bowl 51 is drawing fire from thin-skinned supporters of Donald Trump who claim it’s an attempt by the beer company to promote a pro-immigration message which they perceive as a slap at the alleged president.

The ad, which has been previewed by Budweiser both on TV and the internet, is the story of Budweiser’s co-founder, Adolphus Busch, who immigrated to the U.S. in 1857, He later teaming up with Eberhard Anheuser to form the well-known brewery.

As part of the commercial, Busch is shown being treated with suspicion because he doesn’t “look like he’s from around here.” Busch doesn’t allow the hardship to deter him and winds up making history, because, according to the ad, “nothing stops your dream.”

Bud says the ad is a celebration of a great American success story and not a commentary on modern politics. Despite this, some whiny Trump acolytes have begun calling for a doomed to failure boycott of Budweiser on social media. Take a look at some of the griping:

There sure are a lot of delicate right-wing, racist, xenophobic snowflakes in the Republican party. Sounds like they know their illegitimate head of state is fading in the polls, getting slapped around in the courts, and is likely to be impeached before the year is out. How sad for them. Guess they’ll all have to start drinking even more. Anyone for a Bud? I’m buying.

Here’s the ad. Cheers!

Featured Image Via YouTube