Trump Really ‘Doesn’t Like This Sh*t’ – He’s Out Of His League

Before he was even sworn in, back in those early post-election days, President Steve Bannon Donald Trump was, according to the Wall Street Journal, “surprised by the scope” of the what the POTUS actually does.

Now, three weeks into the actual job, it sounds like things are even worse.

‘He Really Doesn’t Like This Sh*t’

According to Politico, “nearly two dozen people” have spoken up about their experiences dealing with Trump as POTUS, and yes, we’re all reading those angry tweets correctly – this is a man who is supremely out of his league:

“In interviews, nearly two dozen people who’ve spent time with Trump in the three weeks since his inauguration said that his mood has careened between surprise and anger as he’s faced the predictable realities of governing, from congressional delays over his cabinet nominations and legal fights holding up his aggressive initiatives to staff in-fighting and leaks.”

Oh, so a man who has never been in government and is the most unqualified person ever to be elected president in the history of the United States is “surprised” by things that are “predictable” to everyone else.

Quelle surprise.

The Politico report paints a picture of a man who is terrified of appearing weak and who is already looking into replacing his staff:

“The interviews paint a picture of a powder-keg of a workplace where job duties are unclear, morale among some is low, factionalism is rampant and exhaustion is running high. Two visitors to the White House last week said they were struck by how tired the staff looks.

In Washington circles, talk has turned to whether a staff shake-up is in the works.

One person close to Trump said: ‘I think he’d like to do it now, but he knows it’s too soon.'”

Which makes sense, given that this is a man whose catchphrase was, “You’re fired.”

What doesn’t make sense is that we have a “president” who has a catchphrase.

As one source told Politico, with regards to a Trump appointment being held up for a myriad of reasons:

“Trump ‘was furious,’ this person said. ‘He doesn’t like this shit.'”

The Government Cannot Be Run Like A Business

One of the draws of Trump to many conservatives was his supposed acumen as a businessman. What these folks fail to realize, though, is that the country cannot be run like a business. According to Politico:

“The administration’s rocky opening days have been a setback for a president who, as a billionaire businessman, sold himself to voters as being uniquely qualified to fix what ailed the nation. Yet it has become apparent, say those close to the president, most of whom requested anonymity to describe the inner workings of the White House, that the transition from overseeing a family business to running the country has been tough on him.”

The point of a business is to increase profits, often at the expense of the workforce, no matter what. The federal government, however, is not a for-profit venture.

We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.”

Apples and oranges, folks.


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