Trump’s Eyes Saw Massive Invisible Crowds At His Nearly Empty Phoenix Rally

As we all know, our dear leader President Donald Trump has a problem with stretching facts a little bit. And this week’s rally in Arizona was no exception. Trump has kept fact-checking websites like Politifact busy, and since he likes to attack the “fake news” media it seems like they had quite a bit of fun with this speech. And President Snowflake was in full voice while speaking to his most fervent supporters:

“The media can attack me, but where I draw the line is when they attack you… It’s time to challenge the media for their role in fomenting divisions. And yes by the way they are trying to take away our history and our heritage, you see that?”

Wait, what?! First of all, I don’t believe for a second that Trump came up with “fomenting” on his own, so congratulations to his speech writer there. And since when did denouncing white supremacy, neo Nazis, and racists become an act of revisionist history?

Another pants on fire moment came when the president talked about the size of his crowds. Because they are so huge, you know. Thousands and thousands of people, and Trump compared the size of the Arizona crowd this week to the one at a campaign rally in July 2015:

“This was the scene of my first rally speech. Right? The crowds were so big, almost as big as tonight.”

Trump claimed these crowds to be over 10,000 people. Which is completely false, because the city fire department said capacity for the ballroom where Trump spoke in 2015 is 4,200 people. In fact, Phoenix Fire Department spokeswoman Shelly Jamison said the doors were closed at 4,169 attendees. Hardly tens of thousands, but eyes can be deceiving and numbers can lie, right Mr. President?

Of the claims Politifact analyzed from Trump’s speech, most were just straight up false. Once again liar liar pants on fire, Donald.

Watch MSNBC do a fact check here:

Feature image via Youtube screengrab