Jeb Bush’s Sunday Show Insanity Tour (VIDEOS)

Jeb Bush (R-FL); @RepublicanRedefined
Jeb Bush (R-FL); @RepublicanRedefined


There was a time when former Governor of Florida Jeb Bush seemed like the sane, sensible, and semi-stable Bush offspring. His sainted mother, the delightfully outspoken Barbara Bush, even believed that he would be a bigger player in the future of the GOP than his brother. That myth has been dispelled as of Sunday, when he took to all three major Sunday news shows to promote his new book,?Immigration Wars: Forging an American Solution. It’s obvious that he is also making early efforts at establishing himself as a potential GOP contender for President of the United States in 2016.

How blessed we are in this day of technology that I don’t even have to type out all of the cray-cray for you. You can see it for yourself in these video clips. Go grab a cup of coffee or a beer (if you’re Republican I’d recommend very hard liquor?you’ll need it after watching this), make the popcorn, and gather the kids around for this year’s hottest comedy series.

First of all, let’s watch him tackle immigration?from two different perspectives. Jeb Bush has a degree in Latin American studies, is fluent in Spanish, and is married to a Mexican woman. Clearly, he would have been a huge GOP asset in capturing the Hispanic vote. However, after this week, GOP leaders are probably consuming their own share of hard liquor.

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Of course, his current views on immigration are far different from what they were several years ago. In this 2007 video, he actually expressed disbelief, disgust, and shock that the GOP was so out of touch with the reality of immigration. Why was he surprised? Because according to him (and me, but my views have NOT changed), Mexican immigrants are ?the only group that is growing in our country? ?and they are ?as American in their pursuit of the?traditional?dreams that people pursue here as any other group.?

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But it’s not just that his views were different in 2007. They were different in 2012. He was highly critical of Mitt Romney because of his stance (which was bad) on immigration. He said that it was ?all but impossible for him [Romney] to appeal to Hispanic voters in the general election.?

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Moving along to a different level of crazy, on ?Meet the Press,? Bush called David Gregory a crack addict.

?Who’s the hottest Florida politician right now? Is it you or Marco Rubio?? Gregory asked, referring to the Florida senator. ?Who are we more likely to see in the White House??

?Man, you guys are crack addicts. You really are obsessed with all this politics,? Bush replied. (Slate)

A stunned David Gregory replied: ?You know, I’ve been called a lot of things?? Bush’s response?

?OK, heroin addict,? Bush replied. ?Is that better?? He then went on to praise Rubio for working on some of the ?big challenges? facing the country. (Slate)

In the same interview, the?King of De-Nile disagrees that there is ?Bush baggage.?

?I don’t know if I’m going to run for elected office again or not.? But he did emphasize that if he were to run, he’doesn’t?feel his name would hurt him. ?I don’t think there’s any Bush baggage at all,? Bush said on Fox News. ?I love my brother, I’m proud of his accomplishments. I love my dad, and I’m proud to be a Bush.? He also said on NBC that he believes ?history will be kind to my brother.??(Slate)

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Moving along to?Fox News Sunday, Bush once again claimed to be very proud of his brother and his Dad.?He’s proud of his brother’s accomplishments. Yes, really! C?mon guys, I am creative, but do you really think I could make this stuff up?

To dispel any confusion about Jeb Bush’s sanity, let me share this statement that proves that he is completely out of touch and delusional about the image and future of the GOP:

?I’m excited that I think we’re seeing the renewal of the conservative movement in the Republican Party and I want to be part of that, for sure,? he said in an interview Sunday on CNN’s ?State of the Union.? (CNN)

What? What? As the entire country watches in awe at the complete unraveling of the GOP and thenation’s movement towards a more liberal society, I think we can say that it’s not David Gregory who’s showing signs of being on crack. Can we drug test has-been governors and hopeless GOP hopefuls?

As he said in his?2007 video, a ?combination of being incorrect and stupid ?is very dangerous in politics.?

Indeed it is.

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