Missouri State Senator: Abortions To Save The Life Of The Mother Are ‘A Matter Of Convenience’

Once again another Republican has come unglued in the public eye while wearing his tin foil hat, and now apparently has selective amnesia regarding his actions. Last Week, Senator Brian Nieves (R-Missouri) engaged in what is more commonly known as a “comment war” on his personal Facebook page.

Nieves posted a picture of a gun that had been “gifted” to him while he perused an arsenal in the back of an SUV in the parking lot area of a sandwich shop. Yes, Senator, all little boys want big guns, but most of us who are actually “men” don’t need to go out to find a weapon or post pictures on Facebook to show how “manly” we are. Real men really do come pre-equipped and loaded, and don’t need to compensate for inadequacies.

The battle began when a female commenter, identified as “Jane,” took umbrage to the photo and decided to express her personal disgust to Nieves. It didn’t take long for Nieves to reply.

Does anybody know who Jane is?? I think it may be a fake name? If you look at her page ? Oh My!! She, or he, is ?Very Interesting? to put it mildly.

Within minutes, a man identified as Chris M. Jessen, an Anglican priest, jumped in to defend the woman and politely remind the Senator that women, like his own mother, deserve to be treated with a certain matter of respect. The exchange went back and forth for several hours, all the while with Nieves under the mistaken impression that Jessen was part of some “lib-rag” news, or The Riverfront Times, trying to sucker him into a misquote of some sort. During that exchange, Jessen continued to respond respectfully to Nieves accusations and questions.

Oh My Good Good Goodness!!?Chris M. Jessen… You have got to be kidding me! Are you and Jane for real? Seriously, I’m truly beginning to think you two are Fakes! Did the RFT talk you two in to trolling my page and then pretending to be that stupid? Really, honestly – There is NO Possible way ya’ll are real people who really believe what you’ve written on my page. I’m simply not falling for it. You two are obviously just people who are pretending to be that stupid in the hopes of drawing me in to some senseless argument and then try to snatch a quote for the RFT or some other lib-rag. Sorry, I’m on to you, you over played your cards and made your comments far too stupid. If you would have been a little less obvious and made your comments a little more reasonable, you “may” have lured me in but I refuse to believe anybody on this planet, liberal or not, can possibly be as profoundly stupid as you two are pretending to be. You may grab another fake name and try again.

At some point, Nieves must have run out of steam because he changed the subject to abortion.

I honestly wonder, and I’m being sincere about this, if liberalism is indeed a mental disorder. A person commits a heinous crime, the kind we hear about in the news, and they are not allowed to be executed but an innocent baby who is wrapped in the comfort of his/her mother’s womb – Having been created by God – can be literally ripped apart, viciously murdered and this “Man of God” supports it?!?!?! WOW!!

‘Life of the Mother?’ Your own argument proves it is a matter of convenience! Tell me this – Do you even know what a partial birth abortion really is? No, seriously, do you actually know what it is?? If so, explain to me what a partial birth abortion is.

Shortly before Jessen chose to end the exchange, Nieves questioned his authenticity as a priest. I personally really have to appreciate Jessen’s reply.

I am in fact an Anglican priest, thank you for asking. I should have asked, ‘are you REALLY a Senator?

Since the exchange happened, and more media outlets have drawn attention to the conversation, Nieves has deleted some of his more outrageous comments and is denying the statements he made. As we all know, nothing on the Internet is ever really gone, but for posterity’s sake, you may want to keep a screenshot of the comments handy.

Image credit: Addicting Info
Image credit: Addicting Info

This isn’t the first time that Senator Nieves has been caught forgetting to wash the fruit before he eats it, nor is it the second time he has tried to roast weenies over a citronella candle. In 2010, Sean Bell, the former campaign manager for Dick Stratman (who lost to Nieves in the Republican primaries), accused Nieves of assault while brandishing a weapon and threatening to kill him when Bell had gone to Nieves office to congratulate him on the election. Bell filed an order of protection against Nieves, but the Prosecuting Attorney of Franklin County refused to file charges because he could not prove to a jury “beyond a reasonable doubt” that Nieves committed a criminal act. Sooner or later his hate and violence will catch up with him.

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