Birthers Continue to Muddy the Waters With Allegations About Barack Obama’s Birth Certificate

Obviously, $2 million does not buy much in the way of secrecy today. Not if you believe the latest reprieve from the Birther committee. The Power Hour website continues to host a page that they claim is the absolute last word when it comes to supporting claims that President Obama has a valid Kenyan birth certificate.

Despite allegations that President Obama has spent over $2 million to hide this compelling evidence, The Power Hour has been successful in persuading many fellow Kenyans to come forward with the truth.

Jay McKinnon is a self-proclaimed document expert with DHS training. Mr. McKinnon is said to be the one who forged Mr. Obama’s Hawaiian birth certificate. Yet another claim is Barack’s mother left Kenya for Hawaii after giving birth to Barack; there she registered his birth and received a ?certification? of live birth. Then the story evolves to include forgeries and alterations of birth certificates from Kenya back to Hawaii.

A convoluted mess of false allegations about the birth certificate continues.

The birther allegations have grown over the years, and with each passing year the accusations are more complex and confusing.
The Kenyan birth certificate was issued in the ?Republic of Kenya? and dated February 1964. Kenya was not designated a republic when Barack Obama was supposed to have been born in 1961. The photo of the Kenyan birth certificate appears to be a mishmash of dates and now exists as a copy to explain the listing of Kenya as a republic and why the date of the certificate is given as 1961. Yet Barack’s father’s age is given as 26 on the ?copy,? when he was actually 21 when Barack was born. So why is Barack’s father listed as being 26 on the copy? Given that his father was born in 1936, he would have been 24 or 25 at the time of Barack’s birth.

What Is Necessary To Attain U.S. Citizenship?

There is also the fact that Barack’s mother was a natural citizen of the United States when he was born. Birthers would point out that while this may be true, since the claim is Barack was born on foreign soil, there is a litany of requirements that had to be met for Barack to attain citizenship.

In reality, a child born in a foreign country and one parent is a United States citizen and the other is not:

? the U.S. citizen parent has been “physically present” in the U.S. before the child’s birth for a total period of at least five years, and

? at least two of those five years were after the U.S. citizen parent’s fourteenth birthday.

If Barack Obama’s Citizenship Is Questionable, Then So Is Ted Cruz’s.

This criteria is going to be an important fact if Rafael Edward ” Ted” Cruz of Texas decides to run for president?since his birth?December 22, 1970?creates the same questions and doubt. The criteria for attaining citizenship was changed in 1978. Previous to this date, the retention rights to citizenship had remained unchanged from 1958 through 1978.

Sometimes, trying to prove a point by throwing allegation after allegation onto the Internet just creates more confusion. It is always best to research allegations before they are repeated and become unsubstantiated facts.

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