Susanne Atanus: Autism, Dementia, And Tornadoes Are God’s Punishments For Gays, Abortions

The clown car driving around the 2014 candidates of the Republican Party is nothing short of entertaining, but the latest hopefuls to get off the train from Kooksville have once again sent the clown car spiraling out of control. One such candidate, Susanne Atanus, recently shared some theories of her own that… are somewhat out there.

During an interview with the Chicago Daily Herald, Atanus made clear her belief that God is judging the United States for abortions and same-sex marriage by hurdling plagues and extreme weather on the country as a sign of His wrath.

According to Atanus:

“God is angry. We are provoking him with abortions and same-sex marriage and civil unions. Same-sex activity is going to increase AIDS. If it’s in our military it will weaken our military. We need to respect God.”

Atanus went on to claim that God has put tornadoes and debilitating diseases, such as “dementia and autism,” on Earth as punishment for gay rights and legalized abortions.

Atanus stated:

“Abortions should not be used for birth control.”

Her challenger for the Republican nomination is not much better a choice. David Earl Williams III claims to be a former Democrat turned Republican, who became disillusioned with the Obama administration shortly after the 2008 election. Williams later joined the Ron Paul campaign in 2012. Williams formerly served with the U.S. Navy in both Asia and the Middle East.

Aside from his unusual political beliefs, he has one skeleton in the closet — a domestic violence complaint. A Washington, D.C. judge issued an order of protection in December on the basis that Williams allegedly stalked an ex-girlfriend by trying to get her fired from her job and thrown out of school. Judge Jennifer M. Anderson, aside from restricting contact between the two, ordered Williams “to take a court-supervised anger-management class, undergo a mental health assessment and submit to treatment if the assessment deemed it necessary,” according to Evanston Now.

Williams denies the allegations and is appealing the ruling, but claims that the Judge is a friend of said ex-girlfriend.

Interesting side note: Williams refused to disclose where he works because he has not yet informed his employer his intent to run for Congress. I think the cat is out of the bag on that one!

Both candidates couldn’t be more all over the map on opinions that don’t really align with either party, and are yet, polar opposites of each other. Both candidates are vying for the seat held by Rep. Jan Schakowsky (D) of the 9th Congressional District of Illinois.

Listen to the Interview from the Daily Herald here, and watch Williams’ reaction to Atanus. Is this really the best the Republicans have to offer?


Top Image courtesy of Raw Story

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