New York Post Trashes Chelsea Clinton’s New Baby On Front Page

The Mezvinsky family--Chelsea, Marc and Charlotte (from Chelsea's Twitter feed)
The Mezvinsky family–Chelsea, Marc and Charlotte (from Chelsea’s Twitter feed)

We already knew that elements of the right have transitioned from Obama hate to Clinton hate. But you would think that at least they’d have some standards. Apparently they don’t, if this morning’s New York Post is any indication. Apparently the Post thinks even babies barely out of the womb are fair game.

Last night, Chelsea Clinton and her husband, Marc Mezvinsky, gave birth to their first child, Charlotte Clinton Mezvinsky. This is how the Post saw fit to greet Charlotte:


I know what you’re thinking–“Where’s your sense of humor?” But there’s really nothing to laugh at about this picture. Calling her a “party pooper” and a “liberal crybaby”? Then again, apparently the Post is giving its readers what they want. The Facebook comment thread on this story is laden with hateful comments. Can you imagine if Mother Jones ran a similar headline about Bristol or Willow Palin having a baby? As little regard as I have for the Palin clan, I’d be joining what would have been well-deserved condemnation–and demands for someone to be fired.

From the looks of it, the Post seems to be falling in line with the rest of the Rupert Murdoch empire. When his News Corporation split its interests last year, the Post and the rest of the Murdoch newspapers remained under the News Corporation banner. The television and movie assets–including Fox News Channel–are now part of 21st Century Fox. However, Murdoch is chairman of both companies. I have to wonder–would this be even remotely acceptable from a Murdoch paper in the UK, or in Murdoch’s native Australia? Somehow, I doubt it.

This is probably the strongest evidence I’ve seen of how low the level of civility has sunken in this country. If the Post has any sort of decency, it will apologize–and without any of this “sorry if anyone was offended” nonsense either.

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