A 15-Year-Old Girl Interrupts A Classroom Gay-Bashing Fest And Stuns Everyone To Silence

With plenty of intolerance and ignorance to go around in America these days, it is refreshing to run across something that restores my faith in humanity. This time it came in the form of a remarkable post by a 15-year-old girl from Wilson County, in Tennessee.

summer rose

You see, Summer says that during her high school Agri-Science class, her regular teacher was out, and that the substitute teacher, ?wasn’t really listening in to our conversation, as long as we weren’t being too loud.?

That being said, here is her remarkable post that describes the conversation and her own personal thoughts.


?The fact that the class decided to discuss homosexuality and religion is amazing enough. But Summer’s response to some of her fellow classmates is even more amazing. Note that many adults these days could learn a thing or two from her common sense and positive thoughts.

With gay people being seen as second-class citizens and ?sinful? by many of today’s religious leaders as well as politicians, it’s refreshing to see that this kind of intolerance and ignorance is not lost on the younger generation.

With young people like Summer, maybe, just maybe, there is some hope after all for the human race.

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