11 Questions To Ask Conservatives Who Scream ‘The Gay Agenda Is Being Shoved Down My Throat’

I recently found this clever list shared by a Yahoo poster.?So far I have yet to locate the original author to give him/her their credit. If anyone finds them or knows who they are, please let me know.

This list contains the perfect answers to give a conservative when they say “stop shoving the gay agenda down our throats.” I had a gay co-worker who once said, “well they can always just close their mouths….”

Anyway enjoy this fantastic list.

“The typical line from the religious side of the same sex marriage issue goes something like this: ?stop shoving your gay agenda down our throats?. In the same breath, they go on to say, ?You don’t see us shoving our religion down your throat.?

Well then?

“Have you ever had a homosexual knock on your door (usually around dinner time) asking if you have found Elton John?

Have homosexuals ever passed laws that make the government print ?In Homosexuality We Trust? on your money?

When was the last time homosexuals passed a law that rewrote the Pledge of Allegiance to say, ?One Homosexual Nation??

Have homosexuals erected a monument with Marc Jacobs? top 10 fashion commandments at your local courthouse?

Have any homosexual groups spent millions trying to pass laws to outlaw marriage between a woman and a man?

Have homosexual activists worked to pass laws limiting birth control, abortion, etc?

Did a homosexual ever prevent you from buying liquor or a car on Sunday?

Is there a book promoting homosexuality in almost every hotel room in the country?

Have homosexuals pushed for laws to make the missionary position illegal?

Have homosexuals tried to pass a law allowing them to legally refuse service to Christians?

When was the last time you saw a group of homosexuals protest at a Marine’s funeral carrying signs that say God hates Christians?

This is what they call keeping their religion to themselves? Sheesh?”???

I take my hat off?the person who thought of this list. BRAVO!?Please share this with your friends.