Limbaugh Warns That Obama Is Plotting To Sabotage Hillary

On Monday,?Rush Limbaugh?suggested that Pres. Obama and his administration?may be?deliberately?trying to?sabotage?Hillary Clinton by leaking the story about her email?to the press.

Here?is Rush’s reasoning on this, via Mediaite:

For one, Limbaugh posited, Obama doesn’t want the next president to ?unravel,? and if it happens, ?he’s gonna call his buddies in the press, he’s gonna be all over the media trying to stop it.?

Another possibility Limbaugh threw out is that Obama’s worried that Clinton will want to ?differentiate herself from him,? while a third suggests to him that Obama’s ?a little angry about how [the Clintons] get away with everything.? And so, he said, ?Maybe he’s worried that Hillary would do an better job than he’s done and wouldn’t want to have the next Democrat president end up looking better than he does. I think that’s entirely possible.?

The White House has naturally denied this BS, calling it?”pure baloney.”

You can listen to the insane clip at Mediaite.

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