The Open Letter To Iran Wasn’t Tom Cotton’s First Foray Into Lunacy

The more I learn about the six-weeks-Senator, Tom Cotton (R-Ark.), the scarier he is. It seems Cotton has been showing his true colors, red, hot red, for a long time. What he did in 2013 makes me want to run right out and order a psych exam for him.

Tom Cotton/Photo Credit: DonKeyHotey

Cotton believes persistence is good. But I think in his case, it is fanatical. Also, I doubt he has any inclination to change. When the Senator was a Representative during a committee meeting to prevent Iran from getting nukes, Cotton wouldn’t let go of the ‘Corruption Of Blood‘?bill.?That means he fervently believes the sins of the father, in this case Iran’s Ayatollah, are visited upon his relatives…all of them.

So Ayatollah’s bloodline better watch out if the leader ever breaks the sanctions we imposed upon Iran. That’s up to 20 big years?in the slammer.

In other words, the big guy’s sentence applies to his kids, grandkids, great-grandkids, parents, grandparents, great-grandparents, aunts, uncles, nephews, and even that niece living in the U.S. her whole life.?Woah!

If this ?sins of the father? and ‘Corruption Of Blood’ stuff sound familiar, that’s because it is out of the Bible, more or less. The good news for us is that the good book has as many anti-Corruption Of Blood quotes as it has pro quotes.?Ah, but that dilemma doesn’t seem to faze Cotton.

You see, Cotton was a Representative before he became a Senator. Back then he served on the House Foreign Affairs Committee with Rep. Alan Grayson, (D-Fla.).?Grayson said,

?There we were, trying to pass a bill that would keep Iran from getting nukes, and Cotton thought that he had come up with the perfect idea: imprison all of the Ayatollah’s relatives. Not the Ayatollah himself, just his relatives.?Cotton offered an amendment that would extend sanctions under the bill not only to the high government officials of Iran, but also to their relatives…”

Cotton’s amendment doesn’t just violate the ‘Corruption Of Blood’ clause, he also violates our Constitution’s Fifth Amendment and Eighth Amendment. For a smart guy, Cotton is pretty dumb.

Grayson also said,

?It’s rarely heard of because almost no one is so stupid as even to contemplate punishing the relatives of wrongdoers.?Except for Tom Cotton. When Cotton offered his amendment, I was tempted to say, “Now wait just a cotton-pickin? minute.” That would have been disrespectfully to Bugs Bunny and possibly others, so I didn’t. Instead, I patiently pointed out the constitutional infirmities of the Cotton Amendment.”

You would think that when the GOP Chairman told Cotton to withdraw his amendment, that would be the end of it. But no.

Afterwards, Cotton stole over to Grayson, maybe because they are both Harvard grads. Even after all of this, Cotton was still trying to get assistance to get the amendment back on the bill before the House vote!

When Grayson asked Cotton how he thought ‘Corruption Of Blood’ was constitutional, the Arkansas Representative said, ?they’re just foreigners; they have no rights.?

To sum it up,?Grayson said,

?If Tom Cotton lived in Gotham City, he would reside at the Elizabeth Arkham Asylum for the Criminally Insane. But since Cotton’s home is Arkansas, not Arkham, that makes him a Congressman instead, and now a U.S. Senate candidate.?

We should be afraid. Very afraid.

Tip of the hat to Rep. Alan Grayson and The Daily KOS.