Cher’s Response To Donald Trump Running For President Is Freaking Awesome!

Image Via ChargedFM

Donald Trump’s announcement that he will be seeking the 2016 GOP Presidential nomination may have been one of the big stories of the week, but we know one person who is certainly not a fan of the Donald: Cher.

The singer and actress took to Twitter and made her own announcement:

Donald Trump’s ego is So inflated, he might As well be the Hindenburg! In Dictionary next to “Obnoxious asshole” See Photo of “THE DONALD

When a fan online asked the performer if she would ever take a photo with Trump, Cher replied:


Another fan wanted to know who she liked better, Donald Trump or Texas Senator Ted Cruz. Once more Cher was brutally honest:

“That’s like saying ‘would you rather have a Migraine or Throw Up.'”

I say we put this awesome lady on the ticket with whoever becomes the Democratic nominee. Who’s with me?

h/t The Huffington Post