No Diversity Training Programs For Obama Check Out White House Spotify Channel

Looking at Obama’s Spotify playlist tells us that the president does not require diversity training programs.

As a life-long student and follower of politics, Our President would get an A+ in any diversity training program. One glance at his musical playlist on Spotify speaks volumes to his knowledge and love of all genres of music.

I have never in my lifetime witnessed any President have to overcome more adversity than Barack Obama. Soon after his election to our nation’s highest office, Republicans in a cigar smoked filled room planned his demise. “The just say NO pledge” was made by Republicans.

Obama has turned our economic outlook around. He won a huge fight known as Obamacare that has allowed millions of Americans to get health coverage. He got Osma Bin Linden. As promised, he got us out of the war in the Middle-East. Lowered the deficit. Got millions back to work. The list goes on. All of these accomplishments in spite of a ” perfect storm” of political obstruction that many have claimed borders on sedition.

Obama has not only proved he is a cool cat under pressure, he has done it while not losing touch with the people who got him elected.

We Know Obama Has A Sense of Humor And Can Sing

On Friday, the White House revealed two musical playlists “handmade” by President Obama on Spotify, a very popular music streaming service. What this playlist revealed is what many Americans have come to love about Obama. Not only does Obama have soul, he also has diversity. In an email, a White House official stated this playlist was the launch of their new channel on the service and more are coming.

White House Channel 

The Playlist

“Ain’t Too Proud to Beg” – The Temptations

“Live It Up” – The Isley Brothers

“Memories Live” – Talib Kweli & Hi Tek

“Tombstone Blues” – Bob Dylan

“So Much Trouble in the World – Bob Marley & The Wailers

“Paradise” – Coldplay

“Tengo Un Trato” (Remix) – Mala Rodriguez

“Wang Dang Doodle” – Howlin’ Wolf

“Another Star” – Stevie Wonder

“Hot Fun in the Summertime” – Sly & The Family Stone

“Boozophilia” – Low Cut Connie

“Wherever Is Your Heart” – Brandi Carlile

“Good Day” – Nappy Roots

“Green Light” – John Legend

“Gimme Shelter” – The Rolling Stones

“Rock Steady” – Aretha Franklin

“Down Down the Deep River” – Okkervil River

“Pusher Love Girl” – Justin Timberlake

“Shake It Out” – Florence + The Machine

“La Salsa La Traigo Yo” – Sonora Carruseles

Evening Playlist:

“My Favorite Things” – John Coltrane

“Superpower” (feat. Frank Ocean) – Beyoncé

“Moondance” – Van Morrison

“Is Your Love Big Enough?” – Lianne La Havas

“How Can You Mend a Broken Heart” – Al Green

“Red & White & Blue & Gold” – Aoife O’Donovan

“Nothing Even Matters” – Lauryn Hill and D’Angelo

“The Best Is Yet to Come” – Frank Sinatra

“You Don’t Know Me” – Ray Charles

“I Found My Everything” – Mary J Blige

“Help Me” – Joni Mitchell

“I’ve Got Dreams to Remember” – Otis Redding

“Suzanne” – Leonard Cohen

“Feeling Good” – Nina Simone

“Stubborn Love” – The Lumineers

“Until” – Cassandra Wilson

“UMI Says” – Mos Def

“The Very Thought of You” – Billie Holiday

“Flamenco Sketches” – Miles Davis

“Woo” – Erykah Badu