This Inspirational Movie Scene Will Fire You Up To Take On Anything!– Guaranteed

Screengrab from "Facing The Giants" Movie Scene
Screen grab from “Facing The Giants” Movie Scene

This is an inspirational scene from a 2006 film titled “Facing The Giants.”

The film is about a football coach at a Christian academy, whose team hasn’t had a winning record in over 7 years. There is talk about him being fired and replaced. On top of his professional challenges, the coach faces challenges off the field such as his car breaking down, and finding out he was the reason his wife could not get pregnant.

In this scene the coach discovers that his team is simply starting to give up. We see the coach is addressing the team during a practice. One of his players a young player named “Brock”, makes a statement indicating that they have no chance at beating their upcoming opponents.  This drives the coach to do something drastic.

The coach calls Brock out along with another player. He blindfolds and makes Brock get into a elevated crawl position. The coach tells the other player to lay on his back, facing the sky while holding onto Brock’s jersey. The coach then makes Brock crawl. What happens next just too inspirational to be put into words.

For those who may not be fans of football, let alone football movies, this scene will still strike something deep inside you. We all feel the desire to quit when things aren’t going our way. We all have that little voice, which sometimes becomes a booming voice, telling is the give up on ourselves. It doesn’t matter if we are doing something physical or mental, the desire to seek comfort over pain is a part of our instinct. Driving past that instinct take nothing short of heart, grit, and determination.

The important thing to remember about this scene, is that it’s not just the coach pushing this young man to crawl a few yards. It’s not just about the coach trying to inspire his players. When we give motivation and inspiration to others, we get that in return. The coach and the player are feeding off of each other. You get what you give in this life.

I watch this inspirational scene everyday before I write, especially those days when I’m not feeling very confident. This is literally one of the most motivating things I’ve seen in my lifetime. I hope it helps you as well.

Here’s the scene.