Rand Paul Faces Harsh Criticism From Fundraisers

Rand Paul Super PAC
Senator Rand Paul in New Hampshire (By Michael Vadon/Wikimedia Commons)

The Republican primary hasn’t been kind to Rand Paul. His place in the polls has been steadily declining, Rush asked him to stop using their songs, and now one of his Super PACs has stopped fundraising for his campaign. Furthermore, the PAC’s founder had some pretty harsh words for the Kentucky senator.

Ed Crane, founder of Purple PAC and co-founder of the Cato Institute, bemoaned Paul’s campaign for abandoning the candidate’s libertarian views, stating: “I have stopped raising money for him until I see the campaign correct its problems.” He added: “I wasn’t going to raise money to spend on a futile crusade.”

It isn’t necessarily the end for Paul, as Purple PAC only accounted for about a third of the Super PAC funds raised for him this year. In total, Purple PAC has raised about $1.15 million. By comparison, the America’s Liberty PAC has raised roughly $3.1 million for Paul so far.

It could be seen as a troubling sign for the candidate, however, as slipping poll numbers reflect growing disinterest in the Senator’s White House bid. In June, Paul was polling at 12 percent in North Carolina. By August, his numbers were down to 3 percent. Now, he barely has enough support to round up to 1 percent. Nationwide, he retains a 2.4 percent average.

On Monday, Paul told CNN that he had no plans to abandon his presidential campaign. In response to comments from Donald Trump, Paul assured his supporters that he won’t be dropping out any time soon. He went on to say that he’ll outlast Trump, calling him a “clown”. On that issue, it seems we can agree with the senator.

Featured image by Michael Vadon, available under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial license.

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