You Won’t Believe Where Ben Carson’s Campaign Put New England On A Map

It seems that no matter what Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson does, people are willing to forgive him. It’s not enough that he continually compares things to Hitler and Nazi Germany. Nor is it enough that he compares getting an abortion to slavery. It’s still not enough that he wants to use the Department of Education to violate college students’ First Amendment rights. Or the fact that he cannot name one ally in the Middle East to support his plan for ISIS.

And on top of all of that, his many repeated “mis-truths” haven’t seemed to harm his standings in the polls.

So there is likely little chance that this epic fail will do anything either – yet it is definitely mind-boggling.

In this photo released on Carson’s campaign Facebook page, and captured by the writers¬†at Taking Points Memo, Carson’s team apparently cannot accurately place the entire New England region on a map of the United States.


As a refresher, here is what New England should look like


It may seem a little “unreasonable” to expect political candidates to answer supposed “gotcha” questions on foreign policy that they should really be fully prepared to answer. But is it really too much to ask that they know the locations of the states for the country of which they want to lead?

While it is doubtful that Carson himself crafted this map, he likely hired whoever did. And the fact that the Carson team seems unable to accurately draw the country is highly worrisome. It begs the question of who Carson would surround himself with in the White House.


Featured image and correct New England image by WikiMedia Commons, available under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial license.