Who Are The Lifelong Republicans That Are Backing Bernie

It’s no secret that Donald Trump is brash and doesn’t hold much back. He’s the outsider that so many Republicans believe can shake up the status quo in Washington — even if that means insulting people by race and gender. Well, he’s not the only one shaking things up that many Republicans are being drawn to. It seems Bernie Sanders is making quite the impression himself.

Bernie Sanders and Republicans YouTube

While many hardcore Republicans will cry “socialist” when Sanders is brought up, there are many that are leaving the party of lunacy and turning towards Sander’s message. In an article put out by The Atlantic last week, we are introduced to 65-year-old Tarie MacMillan from Florida. After watching the first Republican presidential debate back in August, MacMillan says:

“I looked at the stage and there was nobody out there who I really liked. It just seemed like a showcase for Trump and his ridiculous comments. It was laughable, and scary, and a real turning point.”

The Atlantic also points out that MacMillan changed her party affiliation just a few weeks ago to support Sanders. This will be the first time that she has ever voted for a Democrat. Then there’s 47-year-old Bryan Brown from Oregon. Brown says:

“I have been a conservative Republican my entire life. But the Republican party as a whole has gotten so far out of touch with the American people. I switched my registration so that I could vote for Sanders in the primary, but the day the primary is over I’m going to register as an Independent.”

While these are just two examples of Republicans getting fed up with the out of touch party, The Atlantic also reports that:

“That story may sound improbable, but MacMillan isn’t the only longtime conservative supporting Sanders. There are Facebook groups and Reddit forums devoted entirely to Republicans who adore the Vermont senator.”

It seems that Sanders is touching nerves that cross party lines. This actually should not surprise anyone as most Republicans are having to decide which misogynistic, Christian Taliban, lobbyist pandering candidate to vote for. Don’t label the Republicans that do support Sanders though. As 38-year-old Jeff DeFelice from Florida explains:

“There’s a mentality of ‘you’re either this or you’re that’, but the world doesn’t work that way. Things aren’t always black or white. The world operates in shades of gray.”  

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Kristie is 22-years-old and resides in Nashville, TN. While reading is a passion, she also has a passion for writing. Reporting on social issues such as LGBT rights, racial injustices, and religious intolerance, she also has a vested interest in the current political climate in America.