Fox Guest: GOP Shouldn’t Bother With Blacks; They Vote Like Democratic ‘Slaves’

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I’ve heard some incredibly objectionable and downright offensive stuff on Fox News over the years, but today may just wind up ranking in the all-time Top 5 for outrageous crap spewed out on Rupert Murdoch’s hate machine.

The guest on “Fox and Friends” (where the hosts have a collective IQ not even approaching room temperature in the Arctic) was Crystal Wright, who is the founder of Conservative Black Chick blog, and the topic was whether or not any 2016 GOP candidate can win any votes from the African-American community. Wright asserted that one of them could:

“It’s Donald Trump! Because Donald Trump is the only person bothering to talk to black people and ask for their vote.”

Just because he’s asking doesn’t mean those votes are coming his way, Ms. Wright. But this nutjob was far from finished, claiming that blacks only vote for Democrats because the Dems are “buying” their allegiance. And she added:

“I think it’s so sad when it comes to the black vote. Blacks have shown a slavish support for the Democrat Party for over 50 years.”

Slavish? Really? You think that was best word to use, Ms. Wright? And she also had this to say:

“And part of me wonders if the Republican Party should even bother asking for the black vote. Because black Americans seem to like being political dummies. We’re the only race that has voted lock, stock and barrel for the same party for over 50 years.”

Before the segment was over, Wright also managed to say that Hillary Clinton was “owning the black vote,” and then ended with this flourish:

“And I think she is owning it because, ‘Oh, she was married to the first black president.’ That’s all Democrats have to do. It’s a sad state of affairs for blacks when all they have to do is pander and insult black Americans decade in and decade out, and we keep coming back for more misery.

“A black candidate like Carson, Herman Cain, you can just kiss the black vote goodbye. Because automatically, blacks are going to call you an Uncle Tom.

“It’s that pathetic. Can’t we do better?”

The only pathetic thing I see in this video is Crystal Wright. She’s the perfect spokesperson for Donald Trump and the rest of the GOP field. They deserve her and she deserves them.

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