Student About To Be Deported For Facebook Post

An Egyptian flight student is facing deportation from the United States after posting on Facebook that he would not have a problem serving a life sentence for killing Donald Trump and the world would thank him.

The student, 23-year-old Emadeldin Elsayed, has not been charged with any crime, but he has been arrested by immigration authorities. The government could not get any criminal charges to stick. Immigration officials said they revoked his visa because he “violated the terms of his admission” into the country.He says he wrote this after hearing Trump’s anti-Muslim rhetoric. Without a school backing him, El Sayed can be deported.

Elsayed was interviewed by Secret Service agents after posting a photo of Trump with the threatening line. The agents mentioned the shooting rampage last year and the September 11 terrorist attacks.

The school didn’t even tell his family what had happened. When they called the school they were told about the incident. The school just said he was interviewed then detained. Elsayed’s sister, Ohoud Elsayed, said that they were worried, and the school didn’t tell them which agency was detaining him. She searched through his Facebook, and could not find the post or anything about politics or Trump.

Trump has said some pretty hateful things about Muslims, including “I will f**king bomb your location.” He has called for a ban on Muslims entering the country. He said that the Muslims “believe only in Jihad, and have no sense of reason or respect for human life.” Those were his defending comments for banning Muslims. Trump cites surveys that were later found to be invalid. He has also said hateful things about Hispanic people, women, and he even mocked a reporter with a disability. He has some beef with Megyn Kelley and her debate questions. He has even talked badly about veterans that were captured.

Featured image by Gage Skidmore via Flickr, available under a Creative Commons license.

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