Are Republicans Willing To Do This To Avoid A Trump Presidency?

There are so many of us who think that Donald Trump’s run for presidency is a joke. But this joke has stopped being funny. The idea of a Trump presidency has become all too real with his fast rise and overwhelming and frightening popularity.

It is not only liberals who are afraid by this idea, Republicans are also nervous at the thought of Trump in the White House; including some conservatives.

Those Who Support Trump and Speculation Surrounding His Possible Nomination

Hard line Republicans have come out and said they would still support Trump if he becomes their candidate, despite his antics, lack of policies, consistent misogyny, and staunch racism — including his prior refusal to denounce David Duke and the KKK. Their argument is that Trump would be a better choice than Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders.

Despite his rising support, there is current speculation that a Trump nomination will result in a very interesting convention with a fight for the nomination on the convention floor, especially if Trump does not win the majority of delegates. However, others believe that mainstream Republicans will not even attend the convention if Trump remains the front runner.

With Trump, all Republicans will be faced with a choice, to either support and vote for him, to not vote at all, or to vote blue.

Would Republicans Jump Ship and Support a Democrat?

Yes, some are willing to do just that in this presidential election year.

Many people cross party lines when they vote, but usually it is those individuals who are either Independents or Libertarians from the right and either moderate or “Reagan” Democrats on the left. It is surprising, however, when conservative Republicans come out and say they will support a Democrat.

Pundits have already speculated that at least one incumbent Republican senator, from a blue state, is tempted to endorse Sanders. Endorsing and voting are entirely two different beasts, especially if you are a senator from a blue state where this endorsement may get you some Democrat votes in your re-election.

One Well-Known Conservative May Possibly Vote Democrat

One person who is not in any political office, and really has nothing to lose but respect from fellow conservatives, came out this week, revealing he would in fact vote for either of the two Democratic presidential hopefuls.

Conservative actor and former speech writer for President Richard Nixon, Ben Stein voiced his concern over Trump and admitted that he is contemplating voting for whoever takes the Democratic nomination.

He stated he would vote Hillary, his old law school classmate, because he has always had a fondness for her. Whereas with Sanders, Stein admires his single-payer healthcare plan.

Stein wants to put his vote towards Marco Rubio, but doesn’t think that Rubio will be successful. He also likes Ted Cruz and likely would support him if he becomes the nominee. Stein finds Trump, on the other hand,“dangerously misinformed.” As a result, for the first time in his life, he is considering voting for a Democrat.

If Stein is thinking this, a very outspoken conservative, how many other Republicans are also going to vote for Clinton or Sanders if Trump becomes the Republican nominee?

Watch Stein discuss his contemplation on who he wants for president here:

Featured image is by Gage Skidmore under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0 Generic License.