Sorry Trump Supporters, He Thinks You’re An Idiot, And Here’s Why

Donald Trump makes it very clear that he thinks everyone else is beneath him. While most sane people realize this, amazingly his most ardent supporters do not. While he riles them up by questioning the intelligence of our current political leaders, he does it at a fourth-grade speaking level.

Image via Video
Image via Video

The Boston Globe came to this conclusion by conducting its own review. In an article late last year, they reported that:

“The Globe reviewed the language used by 19 presidential candidates, Democrats and Republicans, in speeches announcing their campaigns for the 2016 presidential election. The review, using a common algorithm called the Flesch-Kincaid readability test that crunches word choice and sentence structure and spits out grade-level rankings, produced some striking results.”

Trump came in with a fourth-grade level. Shocker, I know. While I’m sure there are some intelligent Trump supporters, it’s sad that he thinks so little of them. After losing Wisconsin on Tuesday though, maybe people are starting to come around.

While we can only hope, one writer put it into perspective last week. It seems that Ben Shapiro has four indicators that Trump thinks his supporters are morons. Yes, I know Shapiro is a Republican, and yes I know he worked for Breitbart.

Either way, I commend him for standing up for his colleague, Michelle Fields, in the wake of her assault controversy at the hands of Trump’s campaign manager Corey Lewandowski. A controversy that led to both of their resignations from Breitbart.

While Breitbart supports Trump, Shapiro…not so much. So what are his four indicators? Well according to his article for The Daily Wire, Shapiro says:

“He Thinks You’re Losers. He Thinks You’re Stupid. He Thinks You Don’t Care About His Positions. He Thinks You’re Stuck With Him. Forever.”

Shapiro backs up each of these assertions with Trump’s own statements. Statements such as:

“You’ll find when you become very successful, the people you will like best are the people that are less successful than you…”

How about when Trump won the Nevada caucuses and said:

“We won with poorly educated. I love the poorly educated.”

Now we can’t forget about the now infamous statement:

“I could stand in the middle of 5th Avenue and shoot somebody and I wouldn’t lose voters.”

The gall of this man is unbelievable, yet his supporters just keep hanging on to every fourth-grade word. It has to be really bad when you have Liberals and Conservatives that can agree and see through his BS.

As for his supporters, make no mistake, he thinks you are all idiots.

Kristie is 22-years-old and resides in Nashville, TN. While reading is a passion, she also has a passion for writing. Reporting on social issues such as LGBT rights, racial injustices, and religious intolerance, she also has a vested interest in the current political climate in America.