Top 11 Funniest Anti-Trump Memes

This has been quite an unusual campaign season. The monster that is Donald Trump has taken the Republican party by storm. He has become known for his multitude of lies and his hateful rhetoric toward everyone not white and male. He says ugly things about women. He is completely racist. All of his rhetoric has alienated many millennials. For all of these ugly things and more, he has become widely hated.

Sometimes, we need some humor to show our hatred and to blow off some steam. You’ve got to love what people can do with a little Photoshop. So, today I’m bringing you the top 11 best anti-Donald Trump memes the internet has to offer:

1. The Wizard Of Oz

Here we have a perfectly place Wizard of Oz screenshot. I guess Donald Trump and the scarecrow have one thing in common: no brains!

2. This Makes ‘The Shining’ Seem Tame

I am way more frightened of this than of Jack Nicholson.

3. Hair Out Of Control

The Donald’s toupee is trying to find its way back into the wild!

4. Star Wars Trump Meme

My fellow nerds are joining in the fun. This would’ve made the movie REALLY scary!

5. Have You Made This Face Yet?

Yes, I have made that face. I’ve also made that face when reading some of the things he says.

6. My New Favorite

image via pinterest
Via Pinterest

This is actually my first time seeing this. It’s absolutely perfect!

7. Trump’s Clothing Line

image via pinterest
Via Pinterest

8. Back To The Future


image via pinterest
Via Pinterest

This is a very important mission, people! Let Doc Brown do his magic!

9. Trump’s Such A Whiny Baby

image via pinterest
Via Pinterest

The Trump hating done by Fox News is still not as bad as all of the things they have been saying about Obama the last eight years.

10. Trump As Cartman


image via tumblr
Via tumblr

This is so epic!

11. The Orange Candidate

image via pinterest
Via Pinterest

Seriously, Trump! With the billions of dollars you have, why do you still get bad tans?

Featured image by Donkey Hotey via flickr, available under Creative Commons 2.0 license.

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