Donald Trump Just Humiliated Chris Christie In Public…Again! (Video)

One has to wonder exactly what New Jersey Governor Chris Christie has been promised by presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump that allows him to endure the public insults and humiliations the Donald is constantly dishing out.

You may recall that a couple of months ago at a campaign rally, Trump excused Christie, telling him to leave the stage and “get on that plane and go home.” Then last night at a fundraising event which was being held to help Christie pay off over $200,000 in debt from his failed 2016 Presidential run, Trump decided to make fun of Christie’s weight.

Trump was on one of his patented harangues about how jobs are leaving America and going overseas, and he mentioned that Nabisco was moving a manufacturing plant to Mexico, meaning he will no longer eat Oreos. Trump then pointed directly at Christie and declared:

“Neither is Chris! You’re not eating Oreos anymore!”

Clearly that’s a fat joke, and Trump even tried to make the comment less harsh by adding:

“No more Oreos, for either of us, Chris! Don’t feel bad! For either of us!”

While he had the podium, Trump also made sure to let Christie and everyone else know what a generous person he had been by announcing:

“So you know Chris paid off his entire campaign debt tonight.”

That may or may not be true; one never knows with a congenital liar like Donald Trump. If you doubt that, ask the veterans who are still wondering when Trump plans to hand out the $6 million he said he raised on their behalf earlier this year.

For now, enjoy watching Chris Christie get publicly humiliated:

Featured Image Via Flickr available under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0 Generic License