Sirius Radio Freaks Out That Glenn Beck Is Plotting A Trump Assassination

Conservative newscaster Glenn Beck was recently suspended from his SiriusXM radio show after an interview in which he and a #NeverTrump fiction writer hypothesized what would need to be done should Trump get elected.

Author and conservative commentator Brad Thor asked Beck,

I’m about to suggest something very bad — it is a hypothetical I’m going to ask as a thriller writer, if he oversteps that, how do we get him out of office? I don’t think there is a legal means available. I think it will be a terrible, terrible position the American people will be in to get Trump out of office, because you won’t be able to do it through Congress.”

Beck seemingly agreed.

“I would agree with you on that… I think the voices like ours go away. I don’t think we are allowed – especially if things, and I believe the economy is going to go to crap, even if Jesus was in office. It’s going to naturally reset. It has to.”

The radio shows considerable conservative base was outraged and expressed their discontent with SiriusXM. Many felt that Beck and Thor were insinuating an assassination attempt was necessary.

SiriusXM announced that “The Glenn Beck Program” was suspended from the Patriot Channel for about a week following this event and in the future it was being evaluated on whether it should be kept on the air. The company offered to comment on the issue:

“SiriusXM encourages a diversity of discourse and opinion on our talk programs, however, comments recently made by a guest on the independently produced Glenn Beck Program, in our judgment, may be reasonably construed by some to have been advocating harm against an individual currently running for office, which we cannot and will not condone.”

The program is heard by viewers who listen to over 400 stations all across the United States. Program syndicator Premiere Networks noted they do not have any intention of suspending Beck. The Drudge Report ran an article headline in which they said both Thor and Beck talked about taking Trump out.

It is always nice seeing other conservatives standing up to the demagoguery of Donald Trump. If you read the transcript in its entirety it’s rather obvious they are not suggesting an assassination, and instead postulating the grave turn our country and our citizens will take should Trump be elected President.

Check out the entire exchange here. Glenn Beck explains his lack of support for Trump below.

Featured image is by David Shankbone, available under a Creative Commons 2.0 license.

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