Trump Won’t Let These News Outlets Into Any Rally – Permanently Blacklisted (VIDEO)

Donald Trump (R-N.Y.) is definitely not a friend of reporters. He has a long-going feud with Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly. He was mad because she called him out for calling women “bimbos.” Because, how dare you point out the sexist things that he did.

She was so mean to expose his misogyny and ask how many times he called women “bimbos.”

As if that wasn’t bad enough, he mocked a disabled reporter as well. Serge Kovaleski said that Donald Trump lied (shocker) about seeing people celebrating 9/11 when the attack happened. It’s a claim he’s made before; he said there were thousands of Muslims in New York City cheering the attack.

Kovaleski has arthrogryposis, a condition which limits his ability to move his arms because of atrophy. Trump was blatantly mocking this man’s disability and his mannerisms; I guess The Donald is stuck in elementary school.

Trump actually asked the paper that Kovaleski works for to apologize to him. That is completely disgusting.

Donald Trump often makes members of the press stand in a cordoned off area at this rallies. They just have to huddle together like cattle and put up with Trump ridiculing them the whole time.

Here are some of the outlets that Trump has banned from his rallies. He revoked their press credentials:

  • Univision: Trump has a $500 million lawsuit going against the station since they canceled his Miss USA pageant.
  • Buzzfeed: Buzzfeed was screwed before Trump’s campaign even started. One of their reporters, McKay Coppins, did a not-so-nice profile of Trump in 2014. None of Buzzfeed’s reporters have gotten credentials for Trump events – ever.
  • Politico: The Trump campaign has never given credentials to Politico reporters. Ben Schreckinger wrote a story about the bad behavior of Trump’s campaign manager.
  • The Daily Beast: Executive editor, Noah Shactman said this about Trump rallies:

“We were never a Trump favorite, but things got very frosty after we published a story last year about allegations that Ivana Trump made and later walked back about Donald Trump.”

  • Huffington Post: The Huffington Post infuriated Trump when the editor decided to put his news coverage in the entertainment section.
  • The Washington Post: Just last week, Trump announced the Washington Post is banned from future events permanently because of “hit pieces” Trump claimed are “unfair” and “inaccurate.”

The Donald is just so easily angered. I’m sure these aren’t the only reporters Trump has hated on.  The list of banned reporters is extensive.

This video shows him kicking a Univision reporter out of a rally:

Featured Image Screengrab Of Politics And More Video Via YouTube.

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