Who Are The Favorites To Be Vice President For The 2016 Nominees?

Now that the 2016 nominees for the Democratic and Republican parties are a foregone conclusion, it seems a good time to take a look at who may wind up being the running mates for Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. Here are a few of the names most often mentioned as likely to be on the final list for the role of Vice President.

The Democratic Contenders


Ohio Senator Sherrod Brown:

Brown is popular with the more progressive wing of the Democratic Party, including many who supported Bernie Sanders in the primaries. He is also from Ohio, which is key to winning the White House. What are the chances Brown gets the nod? At this point, say 50-50.


Virginia Senator Tim Kaine:

Another up and coming light in the Democratic Party. Kaine is also from a state that could be big should the November race be close. But his chance of being chosen are probably no better than 40 percent positive at this point.


Massachussetts Senator Elizabeth Warren:

This is the name with all of the heat and light behind it at this point in the game. Warren has been relentless in her scathing criticisms of Donald Trump, and since one of the major roles of a running mate is to be an attacker, Warren would seem to be a natural. However, some have questioned the wisdom of putting two women on the same ticket. Would Americans accept such a thing?

At the moment, the chances that Warren makes it to the second slot for the Dems is at least 70 percent in the affirmative. Then again, does she want the job?


HUD Secretary Julian Castro:

He’s young, Hispanic, and incredibly popular. But is he ready to be Commander-in-Chief in a pinch? Also, does Clinton even need to try and lure the Latino vote, or will they be so eager to reject Trump that the demographic is already clearly in her corner?

With Castro, the betting seems to be 50-50 at the moment.


The Republican Contenders


Former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich:

This one would make a major splash, but Gingrich also has some major drawbacks in his personal life, where he has been less than stellar in the matter of being a faithful spouse. Choose Gingrich, and there would be six divorces between Trump and Newt. How are they going to lecture on “family values?”

Betting odds on Gingrich: Close to 60 percent certainty that he will be the pick.


Alabama Senator Jeff Sessions:

Sessions would not be picked for charisma, that much is certain. He is a deadly dull man who speaks with a nasal Southern twang. He is also a racist, a xenophobe, and about as backwards as a human being can be. In other words, the perfect running mate for Trump! But what does he bring to the ticket? Trump will likely win Alabama, so he doesn’t need Sessions for that reason.

It seems unlikely that Sessions will be chosen. Let’s say there’s maybe a 25 percent chance he gets the call.


Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin:

If Trump picks Palin, we will all know that he has indeed lost his freaking mind. Palin is a loose cannon, just like Trump, but she is so toxic that she would wind up being a negative. Her chance of being on the ticket: 5 percent and falling each time she opens her mouth.

Stay tuned. Things are about to get incredibly interesting in the weeks ahead.

h/t The Hill

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