The First Lady And Her Daughters Are In Africa, So Racists Decided To Spread Some Online Hatred

As part of the “Let Girls Learn” initiative, First Lady Michelle Obama and her daughters, Sasha and Malia, are in Liberia and Morocco. This is a project which is especially close to the First Lady’s heart, because it advocates education for young girls across the globe.

But to see some of the comments posted online at the “USA Today” website clearly show that there are more than a few ignorant and bigoted jackasses in this country who never miss an opportunity to vomit out their vile poison anytime they see a photo of the Obamas. Here’s a sampling of what was posted:








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What makes all of these comments even worse is that you can tell from the poor use of English and misspelled words that most of these morons who love to hate on the Obamas could never hope to be as successful as the First Family is. Michelle Obama is an Ivy League graduate, as is the President. Malia Obama will soon be heading to Harvard University, and I’m willing to bet that Sasha will also attend an excellent university. So it’s jealousy mixed with unalloyed hatred that motivates them, and that means the ones who posted this crap are both pathetic and flat-out reprehensible.

I love the Obamas, and all Americans should be proud of how they represent this country at home and abroad. As for those who don’t, we already know everything we need to know about you.

Featured Image Via The White House