10 Must Know Facts About The Sexual Assault Accusations Against Donald Trump (VIDEO)

In the whirlwind of media coverage about Hillary Clinton’s emails and Melania Trump’s plagiarized speech, there has amazingly been little attention given to an extremely important issue: the multiple rape accusations against Donald Trump.

Donald Trump
Image via YouTube screengrab.

This is an issue that we need to talk about, and since there has been so little media coverage on it, we need to bring everyone up to speed. Here is everything you need to know about the Donald Trump rape accusations.

1. Three Women Have Publicly Accused Him

The first was his first wife, Ivana, back in 1989. The second, in 1997, was a woman named Jill Harth, whose husband went into business with Trump. The third woman’s identity is not known, since she filed her lawsuit against Trump under the name Jane Doe. She accused Donald Trump in 2016.

2. No Criminal Charges Were Ever Filed

During a deposition, Ivana stated that her husband had raped her when the couple was getting divorced. She never filed a criminal complaint for the alleged rape. The other two women filed civil suits. Jill Harth’s 1997 lawsuit alleged that Trump sexually harassed and assaulted her multiple times. Jane Doe’s most recent lawsuit alleges that Donald Trump raped her in 1994.

3. One Of The Alleged Victims Was Only 13

Jane Doe claims that she was only 13 at the time that Donald Trump raped her. Also named as a defendant in her lawsuit is Jeffrey Epstein, a friend of Trump’s who has served time in prison for soliciting an underaged prostitute. Trump recently described Epstein as a”terrific guy.”

4. One Of The Assaults Allegedly Has A Witness

Attached to Jane Doe’s lawsuit is a sworn statement from a woman going by the name of Tiffany Doe. She says that she was the one who brought Jane Doe to the party where she was raped by Trump. She claims to have actually witnessed the assault.

5. One Of The Accusations Was Recanted

A few years after Ivana and Donald Trump’s divorce, Ivana Trump partially retracted the statement she made during the deposition. She said that she had “felt violated” during sexual encounters with her ex-husband, but that she had not meant the word “rape” in a “literal or criminal sense.”

6. One Of The Lawsuits Was Dropped, But The Accuser Stands By Her Story

Jill Harth’s husband had also filed a lawsuit against Trump for a different reason. Shortly after Jill Harth’s husband settled his lawsuit with Trump, Jill Harth voluntarily withdrew hers. However, Harth recently did an interview with The Guardian where she stood by her story.

7. One Accuser Says Trump Threatened Her Life

Jane Doe alleges in her lawsuit that Trump told her to keep quiet about what happened if she “didn’t want to disappear.” He also allegedly threatened to kill her family if she told anyone.

8. Trump Has Denied Everything

Trump said the allegation about him raping his ex-wife was “obviously false.” He called Jill Harth’s accusations “meritless.”  He also said Jane Doe’s charges were “categorically false” and “clearly framed to solicit media attention.”

9. One Accuser Says She Was Pressured To Recant

In her recent interview, Jill Harth said the Trump campaign called her and pressured her to recant her story. She refused, and during her interview she also demanded an apology from Trump for calling her a liar. Trump’s office denied that they pressured Harth to recant.

10. Trump’s Lawyer Said You Can’t Rape Your Spouse

In response to the accusation that Trump raped his ex-wife, one of Trump’s lawyers, Michael Cohen, said:

“And, of course, understand that by the very definition, you can’t rape your spouse.”

This assertion is patently false; raping your spouse is a crime in every state in the country. Cohen’s statement also says an awful lot about the character of the people Donald Trump has working for him.

If we are going to thoroughly vet the candidates for this election, we need to seriously consider all of these facts. Donald Trump’s rape charges should not be taken lightly. Although he has not been convicted of any crimes, where there is smoke, you can be reasonably sure there is fire.