Trump Surrogate Tries To Link Gun Deaths To Legal Abortion…WTF?! (VIDEO)

If you’ve watched any of CNN’s election coverage over the past year, chances are pretty good that a man by the name of Jeffrey Lord has appeared on your TV screen attempting to defend Donald Trump for anything the Orange Menace says or does.

Last night, shortly after Vice President had just chewed up and spit out Trump in his amazing speech, Lord tried to equate the Democratic calls for gun control to legal abortion. Yes, you read that correctly. Here’s what Lord said:

“In all the talk about guns, and gun control, etc., one of the things that people like me believe is that this is linked immutably to the issue of abortion. Why? Because abortion is about — you talk to pro-life folks — about respect for life. And if we have a culture that is saying, under the guise of pro-choice that children’s lives are not to be respected, that no one’s life is to be respected, you can’t reasonably expect people out there to think — if this is the culture they’re raised in, to not understand that the life is so valuable that they shouldn’t be out there taking life.”

WTF?! Is this guy kidding me? Nope, he was very serious, and that’s what makes his remarks even more worthy of a facepalm.

So if a person supports a woman’s right to choose but thinks there should be sensible gun control, that makes them a hypocrite? How about the fact that Lord and Trump say the are “pro-life.” but are all in favor of capital punishment, torture, and the killing of family members of terrorists? How do they square that circle?

They can’t, and that’s what makes Jeffrey Lord–and by extension Donald Trump–more ridiculous with each passing day.

Featured Image Via YouTube Screengrab