Top 5 Signs Donald Trump Has Created A Cult (TWEETS AND VIDEO)

During this entire election, we’ve been shocked to see people who actually believe the ridiculous things coming out of the Republican presidential nominee, Donald Trump. He has insulted every minority group out there.

Even with all of that, his supporters believe he can do no wrong. I don’t know about you guys, but I think they are getting to be like a cult. Here are some of the similarities between Trump supporters and other cults in history.

1. They Believe Trump Can Do No Wrong

Trump supporters believe in everything he says. They get mad if you question him and they automatically defend him. They don’t seem to care about all of the nasty things he says. Trump knows this. He once said that he could go shoot someone in the street and he wouldn’t lose a single vote.

Cult leaders believe that they are always right, and they convince their followers that this is true. Trump followers are a political cult, but they have a lot of similarities to religious cults. David Koresh of the Branch Davidians convinced his followers he was a messiah. Trump supporters see The Donald as someone who is going to save our country.

2. They Get Super Excited To See Him

This is not a normal level of excitement. These supporters react to Trump like people did with the Beatles. It’s scary how many enthusiastic followers he has.

Look at this!

These cult leaders definitely draw some enthusiastic followers. Jim Jones of The People’s Temple drew a lot of black followers in the ’60s and ’70s because of his progressive views. Reverend Sun Myung Moon went so far as to choose spouses for his followers. He was known for his mass marriage ceremonies.

One enthusiastic Trump supporter even faced jail time for flying Trump fan flags on his property.

3. The Ultra-Conservative Followers Ignore His More Liberal Ideas

Cults draw enthusiastic followers because the leaders speak of ideas they agree with. The Trump supporters are right-wing Tea Party fanatics. They agree with Trump, but they ignore the ideas that they are not as fond of. He’s actually open to raising the minimum wage and single-payer health care. He doesn’t know what he’s doing with healthcare, but he’s not going back to previous healthcare systems.

4. He Doesn’t Tolerate Questions

Many cult leaders get very pissed off when people start asking questions. They expect their followers to do anything they say. The Manson “Family” killed people for Charles Manson. Jim Jones convinced people to drink Kool-Aid laced with poison.

Luckily, Trump supporters haven’t gotten to this point. Trump does get very pissed off about people questioning his ideas. Trump doesn’t like a lot of the questions he is asked. There was one incident where a reporter got him. Trump was asked to respond to young children who were bullying their classmates over race. These kids were telling the minority children that they would be deported if Trump is elected.

Trump had this to say about it:

“Well I think your question’s a very nasty question and I’m not proud of it because I didn’t even hear of it. I certainly do not like it at all when I hear about it.”

How dare we ask him about the truth?

5. His Followers Don’t Think That He Lies

Donald Trump lies, a lot. His followers just brush off these lies. I could probably write a book of all of the lies he has told. For instance, he says that the unemployment rate is as high as 42 percent. He says he built his business with a “small loan” from his father; I wouldn’t call $1 million a small loan. He says that he saw Muslims in New York celebrating the 9/11 attacks. He says that Hillary Clinton caused the Iraq War, even though this was before she was Secretary of State.

When you tell Trump’s fans that he is a liar, they don’t care. They just say Democratic presidential nominee, Hillary Clinton, is lying. They are deflecting the criticisms.

Here are some examples:

Bonus: The Fan Art Is Scary

This is something that we didn’t see with other cult leaders. Now that we have the internet, it’s everywhere. People are photoshopping Trump to make him look like some great hero.

These are pretty ridiculous:

Damn it! They have ruined Zootopia for me:

This video shows just how influential Trump is. His spokeswoman repeats herself over and over, and gets angry at Wolf Blitzer over questions about the story regarding Trump posing as his own publicist. See how she keeps defending him even with the evidence showing the truth:

Featured image via Twitter

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