WATCH: Fox News Host SHUTS DOWN Lying Trump Spokesperson

Things have gotten so bad for the Trump campaign that now even Fox News is calling them out for their rampant lying.

Yesterday on Fox, Arthel Neville was interviewing the always annoying Trump spokesperson Katrina Pierson. Neville wanted to know why Trump refuses to release his tax returns, telling Pierson:

“As you know, Katrina, presidential candidates have consistently released their tax returns since the 70s. And you also know there is no existing law barring people from releasing their tax returns during an audit. So the question is that everyone wants to know, why won’t Mr. Trump release his tax returns? And can you answer the implications that he’s hiding something?”

Pierson attempted to dismiss a completely legitimate query by saying:

“This really has become much of a novelty in presidential campaigns.”

A novelty? Hell, even Richard Nixon, who was a crooked as they come, released his tax returns. And while the GOP may like to rail against Bill and Hillary Clinton for being involved in shady business dealings, they too have released their returns.

Neville wasn’t buying Pierson’s obfuscation for a moment, and she hit back with this:

“Katrina, we’re going to keep going on this because people want to know. It’s not about a gotcha with Mr. Trump. Again, he is a successful businessman that he been touting to us this entire campaign. That is why they want to see. Why are you saying that it’s some sort of corruption or some sort of campaign that people are — including the media — are out to get him? That is not the case. He’s running for the president of the United States of America. Show your tax returns. It’s that simple.”

Simple indeed. But then again, nothing is simple for the simple-minded such as Ms. Pierson.

Featured Image Via YouTube Screengrab