Desperate Neo-Nazi Loving Donald Trump’s Newest Strategy? Campaigning In Israel

Now we know Donald Trump is really desperate. In the face of poor poll numbers for Donald Trump, the Republican Party is trying something a little unorthodox to drum up votes for their nominee. This week the Republican Party launched it’s first ever presidential campaign in Israel.

Yes, really.

The campaign comes complete with a new slogan: “Trump – In Israel’s Interest.”

trump israel campaign
Image via YouTube screengrab

But it’s not as crazy as it sounds. Here’s the reasoning:

Israel is actually a huge and mostly untapped voting population. There are as many as 400,000 Israeli-American dual citizens that would be eligible to vote in this year’s election. In the 2012 presidential election, 100,000 of those people voted, and of those people 85 percent voted Republican. This quote from Marc Zell, co-chairman of Republicans Overseas Israel, exemplifies why Trump’s campaign is making this move.

“In the year 2000, we had an election where the president of the United States was decided by 537 votes in southern Florida. In Israel we had 1,500 Republican votes for George Bush in that election from southern Florida. So the impact that we could have in a close election could be very dramatic.”

However, this strategy has some major holes in it.

Donald Trump’s beliefs regarding immigration are not making him any friends outside the country. In fact, his proposed policies could make it much harder for people from the Middle East in particular to come into the United States.

Trump has also said in the past that he would remain neutral in the Israel/Palestine conflict and that he would spend less of America’s budget on foreign aid, much of which currently goes towards Israel.

It’s also important to remember Trump’s Nazi supporters right here in the United States. Last month, Trump caused controversy among many Jewish voters in America when he retweeted an anti-Semitic image from a neo-Nazi message board. After being called out about what was clearly a star of David on the image, Trump initially claimed that it was a sheriff’s star before removing the image.

If Trump plans on tapping into the resource of voters in Israel, he’ll need to learn he can’t have it both ways.

There’s a video below, but you’ll have to click out to YouTube to watch it because AFT has blocked embedding.

Featured image screengrab via YouTube