Reporter Has Message For Sean Hannity Spreading Clinton Health Lies: ‘Burn In Hell’ (VIDEO)

Sean Hannity and Fox News have been trying to spread a nasty rumor about Hillary Clinton lately: She has significant brain damage and is therefore unable to be President. This rumor is based on nothing more than Hannity’s intense hatred of the Democratic nominee, but since when has anyone on Fox needed facts?

Newsweek writer Kurt Eichenwald, who has epilepsy, was especially offended by Hannity’s remarks, and he wrote a column in which he said:

“Fuck you, Sean. Your willingness to deceive your viewers—to degrade those of us with epilepsy, to suggest something is a seizure when it looks nothing like one, to leave people dumber about this condition—is unforgivable.

“And as for you Sean, if you are unable to show the backbone to undo the damage you have done, you can understand why I say you ‘purport’ to be a Catholic. If you really were one, you’d be worried about burning in hell for what you’ve done.”

And during an appearance on CNN yesterday, Eichenwald faced off against Trump supporter Amy Kremer, and he let her have it, too. Kremer said Hannity was just trying to express that he was “concerned” for the former Secretary of State. Eichenwald fired back:

“Sean Hannity tried to say that [a video of Hillary Clinton] was seizures. I have seizures and I’ve got to tell you it was incredibly offensive that Sean Hannity took something that no competent doctor would ever say was a seizure — it was Hillary Clinton goofing around — and try and make it into a medical case.

“This is the Trump garbage approach. You get all the conspiracy theorists online talking about something, you get Sean Hannity talking about something, and then they say, ‘Well, people want to know.'”

Eichenwald then fought fire with fire, telling Kremer, Hannity, Trump, and anyone who might want to try and defend the tactics Hannity has been using:

“Donald Trump’s family has a history of Alzheimer’s. Donald Trump has never released a letter from an internist. He’s released a letter saying his primary physician is a doctor who treats the digestive system.

“If you want to play this game, we can play this game. But if Donald Trump wants to prove he doesn’t have Alzheimer’s then he should release all of his medical records.

“See how easy conspiracy theories are?”

Featured Image Via YouTube Screengrab