‘Making His Clothes Sh**ty Again’ – Amazon Reviews Of Trump’s Clothing Line (SCREENSHOTS/VIDEO)

One of the biggest issues that Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump has been talking about during his entire campaign is immigration. He wants to build a wall at the Mexican border. He keeps talking about how his plans will bring more jobs to America.

One of his supporter, Terra Compton Grant, said:

“I really do, I love the plan. I love the idea that, hey, let’s get some of these illegal immigrants out of the country, let’s get them out of here so maybe more whites who have not been able to acquire jobs, maybe they can get into jobs [and] some of the blacks.”

He wants these jobs in America, but he should start with his own organization. He used to have a clothing line sold through Macy’s department stores. The clothing line has since been discontinued, but you can still find some of it online.

Snarky people on Amazon have posted some pretty funny reviews of his products.

One of these items, “Trump Mens Donald Trump Non Iron Twill Stripe Shirt,” has some of these lovely reviews:

Image via Aamzon screenshot.
Image via Amazon screenshot.


Image via Amazon screenshot.

One person said it cut off his circulation, and he poses that as a theory for Donald Trump. Of course, someone gets in a jab about his small hands.

Someone even claimed that the shirt shouldn’t have pockets:

“One look beyond the first appearance and the low-grade cotton is noticeable, as is the fact that it has a pocket. Not sure why so many French Cuff shirts on Amazon.com have pockets—pockets are great for college undergrads, but some of us are long removed from our college years and are a bit grown up for pockets.”

The Donald has often lied about where his products are made. During one exchange with ABC News’  George Stephanopoulos, Trump said:

Stephanopoulos: “But don’t you have to also lead by example? You know, so many of the products in the Donald J. Trump Collection are made overseas — Bangladesh, China …”

Trump: “Well, that’s because you can’t even buy them here.”

Stephanopoulos: “But if you want other companies to make their products in America, shouldn’t you make your products in America?”

Trump: “But they don’t make a lot of these products. They don’t even make them here anymore.”

His campaign clothing is also not made here in the United States. Here is one YouTuber talking about these products on Amazon:


Featured image via Twitter.

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