Florida’s Voters Gear Up For Hillary’s Clean Energy Plan – Pass Local Clean Energy Amendment (VIDEO)

Hillary’s Plan Is Already On Track, Clean And Affordable Solar Energy Could Be Coming Sooner Than You Might Think

In Florida’s August 30 election, Amendment 4 was passed by a landslide vote with nearly three-quarters of voters voting yes. Could widespread affordable solar energy be on the way?

Amendment 4 is an important proposal for a few key reasons.

Lowers Costs

Amendment 4 lowers the cost of installing solar panels for both homeowners and businesses. It accomplishes this by making solar panels and equipment used for solar energy exempt from tangible personal property tax as well as real property tax.

This gives both homeowners and businesses a huge incentive to make the switch to solar energy.

Image via YouTube screengrab
Image via YouTube screengrab

Not only does the Amendment save those switching to solar money on their taxes, it saves them money in the long term as well. As monthly utility bills continue to climb in Florida, solar energy is an important cost saving measure for individuals and businesses. Once installed, a solar roof can save Florida homeowners up to $65 a month on their electric bills.

Amendment 4 completely changes the game for solar energy in America. These tax breaks increase interest in solar energy in Florida, which brings new solar companies to Florida to take advantage of the growing market.

This means more local, living-wage jobs for the people of Florida. The solar industry is booming, and this Amendment will help to create much needed jobs in Florida and revitalize the entire state.

Looking forward to November, this victory is an important piece of the puzzle in practically implementing Hillary Clinton’s clean energy plan.

In her speech in Kissimmee last month, Clinton spoke about Florida as a key part of implementing solar energy in America. Part of her plan includes having half a billion solar panels installed in homes and businesses by the end of her first term, and this Amendment provides her with a huge leap in that direction before her first term even starts.

The passing of Amendment 4 gives us hope that even traditionally conservative states like Florida can stop denying climate change and work to do something about it.

Featured Image: Screenshot Via YouTube Video.