Trump: Kill The ‘FDA Food Police’ And Their Crazy Food Hygiene Regulations (TWEET/VIDEO)

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump has decided to go after the Food And Drug Administration (FDA). He called them the “food police,” and wants to cut back food safety regulations.

According to a fact sheet on his website:

“The FDA Food Police, which dictate how the federal government expects farmers to produce fruits and vegetables and even dictates the nutritional content of dog food.”

“The rules govern the soil farmers use, farm and food production hygiene, food packaging, food temperatures and even what animals may roam which fields and when. It also greatly increased inspections of food ‘facilities,’ and levies new taxes to pay for this inspection overkill.”

The FDA recently did an overhaul on their food regulations. They released seven rules to make people and animals safer. They aim to protect people from food-borne illnesses.Trump wants to look at all previous regulations and see which ones need to be “scrapped.”

I guess Trump likes to take a gamble on his food, but the rest of us don’t want food poisoning. He says that it, killing off the FDA, will save over $1 trillion over the next decade. Aren’t there less important things that can be cut? Food safety is kind of important there, Donald.

He was telling a room full of Manhattan businessmen and economists that America doesn’t have any more wealth, and again saying he will be “making America great again.

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) says that 1 in 6 people are sickened by foodborne illnesses every year. Around 3,000 people die from these illnesses.

Michael Taylor, the former FDA deputy commissioner, who helped come up with the new regulations, said:

“Eliminating FDA’s food safety role would make more consumers sick, destroy consumer confidence at home, and damage American competitiveness in global food markets.”

Trump also wants to eliminate the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) Clean Power Plan. After Trump released this earlier this morning, the report has mysteriously disappeared from his campaign website.

Watch this interesting video about what will happen to medications if Trump gets his way:



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