Donald Trump Is Probably Regretting Saying ‘Call Hannity’ (TWEETS/VIDEO)

In Monday evening’s debate, when pressed on his support for the war in Iraq, Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump said, “everybody refuses to call Sean Hannity.” Well, not everybody, Mr. Trump.

Donald Trump Wanted People To Call Hannity

Let’s just start out with the fact that Sean Hannity is far from an unbiased source. However, Donald Trump was agitated because debate moderator Lester Holt was pressing him on his support for the invasion of Iraq. He brought up Sean Hannity’s name eight times in a matter of minutes. His goal was to push the idea that Hannity would back up his claims that he was actually against the invasion from the beginning, despite evidence to the contrary. In fact, Mother Jones compiled a piece detailing Trump’s many contradictory stances on the issue.

But Trump actually wanted people to ask Hannity about it. Trump said:

“But if somebody — and I’ll ask the press — if somebody would call up Sean Hannity, this was before the war started. He and I used to have arguments about the war. I said, it’s a terrible and a stupid thing.”

Well, a few people took Trump up on that challenge, and the results may not have been what Trump was seeking.

Hannity Hangs Up On Podcasters, Denies Having Evidence To Back Trump’s Claim

Jon Favreau, Dan Pfeiffer, Jon Lovett, and Tommy Vietor are four former aides to President Obama. They host a podcast on The Ringer network called “Keepin’ It 1600.” Three of them decided to take Trump’s advice and call Sean Hannity on Monday night. They tweeted their experience:

Hannity was, apparently, not amused.

While funny, it’s easy to dismiss the above tweet. Perhaps that wasn’t really Hannity on the phone, perhaps it was a set-up, etc.

However, New York Times Magazine and National Geographic writer Robert Draper posted this:

Somehow, I don’t think “Keep Calm and Call Hannity” will be Donald Trump’s new slogan.

Watch Trump name-drop Sean Hannity eight times in this clip:

Featured Image via YouTube screen capture

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