You KNOW Trump Is Bad News When Even THIS Infamous Celebrity Groper Denounces Him (TWEET)

Many celebrities have spoken out to warn about a Trump presidency, but after the latest interview scandal with Trump going after married women, one more well known Hollywood star, Arnold Schwarzenegger, has chosen to distance himself from the Republican party and presidential candidate Donald Trump.

Former California governor and actor Arnold Schwarzenegger, announced on Saturday that he would not vote for the Republican presidential candidate. This is the first time he’s distancing himself from the Republican party since he became a US citizen back in 1983.

Schwarzenegger tweeted a statement, saying that he has been feeling conflicted about the election, like many other Americans, and that he still has not made up his mind as to who he will vote for in November.

But he has made up his mind about one thing, and that is not to vote for Trump!

The powerful statement end with the following reminder:

“So I want to take a moment to remind my fellow Republicans that it is not only acceptable to choose your country over your party – it is your duty.”

This weekend saw an interesting turn in Trump’s campaign. Along with the Access Hollywood footage, old Howard Stern interviews are blowing up the internet, and for the very first time, Trump has seen it necessary to offer some sort of apology. But is it too late?

Others who have spoken out include Cher, who tweeted the following contemptuous lines about the Republican candidate’s misoygy:

“How can a 70 year old man say it was 10 years ago? Are we supposed to cut this animal slack ’cause he was only 60? Pul-ease”

Trump will surely have a great deal of explaining to do during the presidential debate on Sunday, so stay tuned!

A record number of people worldwide will be watching the debates. History being written in front of our eyes. Hopefully we will see more celebrities and influential people take a stand against Trump, and inspire others to choose country over party. Well done, Schwarzenegger!

Featured image from Liberal America media files.