It’s The Final Meltdown: HILARIOUS New Ad Tears Trump To Shreds (VIDEO)

A hilarious new ad released by Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton‘s campaign team has scored a slam dunk as it ridicules her Republican opponent Donald Trump.

Parodying the 1980s global hit from the Swedish rock group Europe, the ad features an extraordinary statement from Trump, made the day after the televised debate with Clinton. He tweeted:

“It is so nice that the shackles have been taken off me and now I can fight for America the way I want to.”

This is followed by a soundbite from an interview between Trump and Bill O’Reilly – a Conservative TV personality who is normally a favorite of the Trump camp – on his show The O’Reilly Factor.

An astonished O’Reilly repeated Trump’s quote about the shackles, and asked him:

“Are you going to be MORE outspoken?”

The ad then shows a spliced montage of quotes from Trump, and from political commentators. They make the persuasive point that he is now resorting to lashing out like a cornered hyena, at any adversary who happens to disagree with him.

Toward the end, it features a commentator on CNN who says:

“Donald Trump is now out of control in a way that even we have not seen. This is a nuclear bomb. We are watching an unhinged candidate.”

Other gems in the sequence include Trump disputing the suggestion he is unpopular with women voters, and repeating his assertion that the gross comments he was taped making about women were just “locker room talk.”

This last point was neatly squashed today by Graeme Le Saux, an English international soccer player with a 20-year career, who is now a TV pundit. He wrote in The Guardian:

“One of the reasons I find Trump’s excuse so offensive is that he’s presuming the culture of the locker room is the same as what goes on in his brain, the culture he finds acceptable in his ivory tower. The dressing room hasn’t been anything close to that for a long time, and it was never as bad as the vile language that came out of his mouth.

“I’ve never experienced in all my time in football anybody who would ever think what he said would be something to laugh at or brag about.”

The Clinton campaign team known as The Briefing, which produces her commercials and infomercials, has come up with a string of winners. Enjoy this one, which explores his many self-contradictions.

Featured image: screenshot via YouTube video