Teacher Of The Year Winners Are Crossing A Line To Denounce Trump (VIDEO)

Generally, teachers are expected to hide their political leanings in class. It can be seen as discriminatory if they favor the students who agree and treat the ones who disagree badly. Parents fear that teachers would “indoctrinate” their children.

These people who won the “Teacher of the Year” award have written a letter denouncing Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump. These 10 teachers have won the award at the state and national level. The stakes in this election are too high, and these teachers feel the need to speak up.

The letter reads in part:

“… We teach children that girls are just as smart, capable, and worthy of respect as boys. Donald Trump has mocked women in myriad ways, including his post-debate tirades against Alicia Machado, his off-color innuendo about FOX host Megyn Kelly, and his predatory boasts about groping…”

“… Donald Trump has mocked and mimicked the disability of a reporter — a form of bullying that no teacher would accept. He has coyly urged the assassination of his rival. He has disrespected the sacrifice of a military family who lost their son. He has cloaked hatred and discrimination, the most un-American of values, in a false patriotism. His vision of America is not a unified country based on common values; rather it is a separate and unequal country based on race, gender, ethnicity and religion. We believe the threat posed by Mr. Trump is too glaring to ignore…”

The ending of the letter is very powerful:

“…Most importantly, we believe she will uphold the American values of civility, equality and dignity for all. Those values speak to our better angels and give hope to each new generation, including the youngest citizens who walk through our classroom doors each day.”

These brave teachers spoke out against The Donald. I agree his discriminatory ways will hurt our children. We don’t need anyone to think that this man’s behavior is even remotely acceptable.

Here is a video of another teacher giving her opinion on Trump:


Featured image via YouTube screenshot.

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