AZ Public School Teaches Boys To Date, Forces Girls To Learn Abstinence (VIDEO)

Payson High School in Arizona brought in a speaker to talk to the students about sex.

This is an important topic to teach in high schools. However, this high school got it wrong. The girls assembly was way different from the lesson that the boys received.

The assembly took place in the middle of the school day, and all 350 female students were forced to attend. The speaker, Christian abstinence advocate Brad Henning, preached abstinence to the female students. He even told them not to wear anything that would tempt the boys to have sex with them.

What lesson did he give to the boys? It was an after-school assembly on “dating tips.” It was entirely optional, and only 25 boys attended.

Their local newspaper, the Payson Roundup, reported:

“In talking to the girls, [Henning] stressed they should make sure they do not turn on a guy by dressing or acting in a way that unleashes a guy’s God-given sexual urges.

In response to a question, Henning explained that guys are sexual so the species won’t die out, while girls have a low sex drive so the planet will not get overpopulated.

Henning said if girls decide they just aren’t attractive enough, they might choose to wear provocative clothes to get boys’ attention.”

As someone who has been through an abstinence-only sex education class, I can tell you that these assemblies preach lies. These classes say that condoms and contraception don’t work. They make young girls feel bad about themselves.

Apparently, the boys don’t get the same lesson. People like Henning tell women that they should not dress in a way to provoke men. Guys are never told to control themselves. This is not the kind of lesson we should be teaching young people.

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