This Could Be The FUNNIEST Anti-Trump Campaign Ad You’ll Ever See (VIDEO)

The famously thin-skinned Republican candidate Donald Trump will be feeling even more sensitive if he sees this hilarious ad that pokes fun at him. It takes its rightful place among the very wittiest political campaign ads.

Produced in Denmark for the country’s Socialist People’s Party (SF), the bus-side ad is aimed at American expats, urging them to vote in the upcoming election. It’s fairly obvious who they want those people to vote for.

Like most of the best ads, it’s as clever as it is simple.

It shows Trump’s unforgettably distinctive quiff and forehead but, just below it, a pair of big, googly eyes have been attached to the wheels. As the bus moves, Donald’s eyes roll.

Talking to a local broadcaster, the SF leader Pia Olsen said:

“It is meant to be a bit funny. One can’t be in doubt that it was done tongue in cheek. We want to tell American citizens: Remember to vote, it has consequences.”

As the election draws near, both parties can be expected to increase their efforts to attract votes from the large number of U.S. citizens abroad, which amount to as many as 8.7 million.

Turnout among this sector is traditionally low, but it has also been proven that their input can be absolutely crucial.

Al Gore would have won the 2000 election by 202 votes, if the 2,490 overseas ballots had been counted in time.

Let’s hope Americans in Denmark – and everywhere else overseas – see the serious side as well as the funny side, and make sure to get their vote in.

Talking of clever ads, here’s one for Audi, which was deliberately planned to air during the Trump-Clinton presidential debates. It’s beautifully shot and directed, but it’s the line at the very end that makes it especially relevant.

Featured image: Richard Foster via Flickr/Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0 Generic license