A Christian Haunted House Gets Inspired By Pulse Nightclub Massacre (VIDEO)

Tyrone Tappler Productions, a Christian initiative, was to open a haunted house at Fernwood Elementary School, with the theme of the event being the Pulse Nightclub massacre. The haunted house has been shut down amidst public outcry. The haunted house initially planned to re-create scenes from the massacre as well as “in your face scenes of dark reality.” Interestingly enough, the advertisement for the haunted house mentions moral choices, with the ad telling its readers that “it’s time to face the consequences of your actions.” Apparently, going out and enjoying a night with like-minded people is some sort of huge, moral undertaking.

Tyrone Tappler went on to his personal Twitter account to tell his followers that the haunted house attraction was banned. A licensed minister, Tappler responded to the criticism by calling himself a trailblazer. This isn’t the first time that Tyrone Tappler Productions seemed hell-bent to include the Pulse Nightclub massacre into its repertoire, with a prior Facebook advertisement calling for volunteers to re-create the June shooting.

Tyrone Tappler joins a list of people who have used the Pulse Nightclub shooting to catapult their religious rhetoric, to debate gun violence, and to validate bigotry and homophobia.

The Chicago Public School System Responds to Tyrone Tappler

A spokesman has mentioned that the event was revoked. The haunted house and its features weren’t explained in its entirety, with Tyrone Tappler productions not being forthcoming about its contents. Tyrone Tappler Productions was initially charging between $10-$20 for the October 29 and October 30 event.


Featured image cropped from Eventbrite event flyer.

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