Jan Brewer: Anti-Trump Protesters Are ‘Just Awful,’ And Loyal To Mexico

Apparently in Donald Trump’s America, if you dare to protest against the election of the President-elect, somehow your loyalty to the United States is in question. Sounds a bit like McCarthyism, doesn’t it?

The latest member of the GOP to accuse anti-Trump protesters of being disloyal is former Arizona Governor Jan Brewer, who told KTAR News 92.3 FM:

“Obviously their allegiance isn’t to the United States, it was to Mexico. They’re not entitled to behave like that, I don’t believe. You know, people protest, it’s fine. A lot of them aren’t legal citizens and some of them are and they didn’t even vote and now they’re outraged. They could at least give him a chance.”

Not entitled to behave like that? What in the hell does that even mean?! And how do you know whether or not they voted? Did you ask them, Governor? Or did you just make the same assumptions about the protesters that you accuse them of making when it comes to Donald Trump?

While she had her bottle of venom uncorked, Brewer added:

“What day are we going on now, seven? And they’re still out there protesting. And obviously, I have even recognized a couple of people and the signs are the same signs that we’ve seen all seven days, practically. They obviously don’t have jobs, right? So what better things do they have to do? So they’re just out there marching away. And these kids that are leaving school. If I was the principal of that school, I’d lay down the law. This is outrageous. It’s just out of control.”

Don’t you just love how some in the Republican Party think it’s perfectly fine to question the legitimacy and citizenship of President Obama for eight years, but now when people take to the streets to exercise their Constitutional right to protest, it’s all gotten out of control? Nice double standard they have.

Something tells me there will many more–and even larger–protests in the months ahead as Trump and his right-wing allies in Congress seek to destroy this country in ways we can only imagine.

Featured Image Via CNN Screengrab