REPORT: If Romney Wants To Be Secy. Of State, He Must Publicly Apologize To Trump

Back in March, Mitt Romney gave a speech in which he said some very unkind things about Donald Trump. Among the things he said was this line:

“Donald Trump is a phony, a fraud. He gets a free trip to the White House and all we get is this lousy hat.”

So it seems more than a bit surprising that Romney would be a finalist for the position of Secretary of State in a Trump Administration, but recent reports suggest the job will either be offered to the former Governor of Massachusetts or Rudy Giuliani. Considering that Giuliani might not be able to make it through confirmation hearings, Romney would appear to be the favorite.

But as with most things involving Trump, there may well be a catch.

Ed Henry of Fox News is reporting that if Romney wants to be the nation’s top diplomat, he will first have to publicly apologize for all the criticism he aimed at Trump prior to November 8. A senior transition official told Henry that the debate within the transition team is whether or not to demand Romney issue a mea culpa before he is allowed into the cabinet.

Would Romney debase himself in such a way in order to gain a plum spot in the new administration? Well, he’s already been seen in public kissing Trump’s ass, so it isn’t hard to imagine him issuing a statement in which he bows and scrapes even further. Clearly, Romney has no pride or convictions. He merely wants to pad his resume and travel at taxpayer expense.

Just last week, Mike Huckabee said he had a problem with Romney being offered the post of Secretary of State, telling Fox News:

“When you go after the person that is the nominee of your party, who has been duly nominated by the voters, and then you’re savaging the voters, you’re not just savaging Donald Trump. It would be a real insult to all those Donald Trump voters who worked really hard.”

What Huckabee failed to consider is that most Trump voters are too damn stupid to know the difference, let alone be insulted by something their demigod does.