WATCH Kellyanne Conway Say Critics Don’t Understand Trump’s Genius On Russia

Here’s some information I bet you didn’t know: According to Trump aide Kellyanne Conway, most of us are just not intelligent enough to understand the high level of genius Donald Trump operates from.

Once I stop laughing hysterically, I’ll continue.

During an interview on Fox Business with host Maria Bartiromo, Conway tried to assert that Trump and members of his cabinet’s ties to Russia are nothing to worry about. She specifically mentioned Exxon Mobil CEO Rex Tillerson, who may be the next Secretary of State despite being BFFs with Russian President/terrorist/tyrant Vladimir Putin:

“I think in the case of Mr. Tillerson, you see someone who is not a typical politician or even a diplomat, you see a successful businessman. This is the Trump effect. People who try to put Donald Trump in the conventional box are immediately and sorely disappointed.”

That led Bartiromo to wonder if Tillerson might have “too good of a relationship with Vladimir Putin.” To that Conway replied:

“These are skills, not liabilities. When you think about how he negotiates and how he deals with foreign leaders to get them to work with his American company, not against it. And of course, he’s an oil man. He goes where the oil is. That’s why you’ve seen him in places like Russia, China, Yemen, the developing world, certainly the Middle East.”

Yeah, last time we had an “oil man” in the Oval Office, he got us involved in a war in Iraq that we still cannot manage to extricate ourselves from. Does Tillerson have similar plans for Iran?

But to top it all off, Conway then dropped this load of bullcrap:

“Those critics and naysayers, I think, are partly the election deniers and partly folks who just were not anticipating such an unconventional possibility.”

Actually, Ms. Conway, they’re just concerned Americans who don’t want this country to become even more of a plutocracy, where companies such as Exxon Mobil decide when we sent our military into battle to defend their precious profit margins.

As for putting Trump in a “conventional box,” he clearly deserves to be in a cell with bars on it.

Featured Image Via Fox Business Screengrab