SHOCKING: Rick Perry’s HUGE Co. Of Interest With Energy Company (VIDEO)

It’s been a disgustingly fascinating few weeks as we watch President-elect Donald Trump constructing his new oil company….er….Cabinet. We have a Secretary of State nominee who has spent his entire career working for Exxon Mobile.

One of Trump’s advisors was on CNN yesterday comparing the theory of climate change to the old belief that the earth was flat.

And we have a Secretary of Energy nominee, former Gov. Rick Perry (R-Tx), who sits on the boards of two major oil companies.

One of those is Energy Transfer Partners, the corporation that is attempting to build the Dakota Access Pipeline.

Why are we not surprised?

It seemed a little strange, to say the least, when Trump announced Perry’s nomination. After all, the goofy Texan once said that he’d get rid of the Department of Energy if he could.

So Trump picked him to run it.

Obviously, there are some serious conflicts of interest going on within the incoming administration. One might even suspect that its primary goal is the enrichment of those at the top.

For example, last year Rick Perry was paid a whopping $236,820 by Energy Transfer Partners to do whatever it is that unqualified “board” members do for big companies. 

Not only did Perry draw a giant salary from the oil and gas pipeline giant, he also received millions of dollars in donations from the company’s CEO. Donations to his ill-fated presidential campaign.

You remember. That was the campaign where Perry promised to eliminate the Department of Energy.

Follow the links, folks.

Perry hates the Dept. of Energy and wants to eliminate it. He doesn’t want  a lot of regulations on oil and gas companies like the one that pays him hundreds of thousands of dollars.

And now he’s in charge of the whole damn thing.

Fox, as they say, welcome to the hen house.

Featured image via YouTube screengrab.

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