The REAL Truth Behind Ivanka’s New Role In The White House (VIDEO)

With the inauguration coming closer, and the fact that the President-elect Donald Trump’s wife, Melania, will be staying in New York and focusing on her son, a pivotal role in the White House has been left unfilled.

The First Daughter-elect, Ivanka, has played a huge role in Trump’s campaign, and now, his preparation for the presidency. Rumors have circled of Ivanka’s DC house shopping, White House Office perusing, and sit-ins with major dignitaries but her father has yet to dawn her with a title.

Enter The Age Of Deception


At first, we assumed Ivanka would be leading the charge of taking care of Trump’s multi-billion dollar empire, but with her constant input into matters of state, it looks as if she may be stepping into Melania’s shoes.

Hopefully on a platonic level.

On some levels, it looks as if Ivanka has been placed to appease certain areas of the country that her father has alienated throughout his campaign and by the choices in significant roles he has picked to lead this country. The two principal issues Ivanka seems to be focused on are women’s rights and global climate change.

It is no secret her father, the President-elect,  and every single person he has invited to his team, are avid climate deniers and true misogynists. So, why in the world would Trump bring his daughter into meetings with major climate activists like Al Gore and Leonardo Dicaprio?

It’s Simple


If Trump allows the pissed off side of the country to believe they have someone on their side in the White House they will resist his rule a little less and focus on her actions while he hacks away at the Constitution and passes rulings that destroy all the work that has been done for decades to save our planet.

Don’t be sheep people, open your eyes to the distraction.

Featured image via Yahoo Style.

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